What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?

What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone), in today’s world where time has become very precious everyone wants to look perfect but does not have time to struggle in gym for endless hours to obtain the prefect figure that everyone dreams of, so the perfect solution for you is human growth hormone or the other name for human growth hormone is somatotropin. This substance is extracted from the remains of dead animals and used in medicines that are used at wide scale by athletes for growing extra muscle mass.

What Is HGH Used For

This growth hormone is produced by a gland called pituitary gland due to this chemical the growth of muscle and other organs takes place. This chemical is produced in abundance when a person is young and as the person starts to grow old the production of this hormone reduces gradually. This chemical is the reason of growth of children into adults and this chemical helps to regulate the metabolism of a person.

A lot of research has been done by the scientist all over the world on this growth hormone. This hormone is given artificially to people, children especially if they suffer from growth problems. Previously this chemical was obtained from the dead bodies of humans but these days obtaining this chemical is much easier, all thanks to genetic engineering.

This hormone could be made in large quantities in controlled environment and in laboratories, manufacturing of this hormone is a blessing for some and curse for some this hormone is causing a lot of problems form International Olympic Committee, as athletes are using this prohibited growth hormone for extra strength and performance in game which is considered as cheating and winning by unfair means.

On average a healthy adult can produce up to five nanograms of this hormone furthermore this figure can change for females when they are expecting as more of this hormone will be present in mother’s body to accelerate the growth process of the baby.

In later stages of life this hormone is produced in large quantities when the child is growing and the production of this hormone drops drastically in late twenties. This hormone is also called the anti aging hormone as it delays the process of aging in individuals. So when you see a person not looking like his or her years you can immediately know the reason behind it.

If you feel like you are suffering from deficiency of this hormone all you need to do is to get yourself checked by a doctor and he will perform a simple blood test to find out the right amount of growth hormone present in your body and could advise you some supplements to regulate the production of this hormone.

More Uses of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

What is HGH Used For

Sports men use it for increasing their muscle mass, size of muscles, for increase in strength and stamina. Moreover due to this hormone muscles can recover from sport related injury faster and it also helps muscles to relax faster and allows extra supply of oxygen to body therefore it helps athletes to undergo tedious and tough training routines very easily.

But at times sportsmen fail to realize the fact this growth hormone is not the key factor to success as according to various researches this hormone can have various effects on its users.

Some researches and user of the hormone also state that this hormone has more dangerous side effects than benefits. One of its side effect is experiencing extra ordinary growth in hands and they start to resemble like spade similar extra growth could be experienced on the face too if this hormone is used in huge quantities.

Facial bones and muscle grow bigger along with the tongue and wider gaps in the teeth and a bigger jaw of the user. Some users also have oilier and rougher skin due to pro long use of this growth hormone.

This chemical not only has effects on the bones of a person but sensitive internally organs such as heart, liver also experience abnormal growth which leads to a problem called Cardiomyopathy in this scenario the heart can lose the power to pump blood which is the sole function of this organ, failure to do so could led to fatal results.

At times people using this hormone have irregular heartbeats.  Apart from this there are high chances of Cancer to be prevalent in the people who consume this hormone in high quantities.

There could be possible threat of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which could be transferred from the source from where this hormone is obtained from.  This disease could happen if the hormone is extracted from pituitary glands from carcass of humans or of an animal.

The virus of this disease could live up to 30 years. This disease could also be found in the hormone that is obtained by the synthetic process moreover infected people (who use infected hormone) could also transfer this disease to others.

This hormone could be used in combination of other drugs also. Abuse of this hormone could not be easily identified because this chemical is naturally present in body, so it becomes impossible for dope test to identify hormone over dose or someone consuming it artificially.

The amount of this chemical present in blood stream also alters with various other factors such as sleep or exercise. But you cannot clearly pinpoint the dangers of artificially increased intake of this hormone in form of supplements.

A lot of research is being carried out throughout the globe to find out the dangerous side effects of these products. Some scientists and researchers have declared these supplements as one of the safest things to give to the patients of growth disorders.

Supporters of this claim say that people are exaggerating the side effects rather than focusing on the benefits that are provided by the using this  product .

According to a research some people could have issues like fluid retention and higher glucose levels after consuming this anti-aging hormone but all these symptoms are very rare cases that happen after contiguous high dosage of supplements that are taken by the user.

Benefits of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

This hormone could be a miracle for people who suffer from deficiency or have distorted production of this chemical naturally in their bodies. In these cases sometimes doctor administer this hormones in form of medications but these cases are very rare some time doctor even cure this deficiency by radiotherapy.

People who take this hormone artificially can increase their muscle mass, bone density and stamina; you could also increase your growth hormone by exercising regularly. As you exercise more it helps in releasing more of this hormone which leads to other above mentioned benefits.

How to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally (HGH)?

Sleeping patterns also affect the production of the growth hormone a larger proportion of this hormone is produced while you are sleeping. Try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern to boost the production of this magical hormone and keep looking young for longer.

Focus on your diet because you are what you eat. Try to include protein and clean carbohydrates which have higher amount of good cholesterol in your diet, as the two items are key component in manufacturing this hormone naturally. Vitamin C, B3 and anti oxidants also help you to regulate your hormonal levels always keep a close check on the intake of these important minerals in your diet.

Is Growth Hormone Good or Bad? (Side Effects)

In my opinion the hormonal supplements for the growth are element of the last resort as obtaining these vital grow hormone should be done naturally as long as possible because Almighty has designed a very complex body system for this purpose. Moreover I have been discussing the side effects of this hormone in the article above.

Your muscle might be bigger but tendons your tendons might not grow at the same rate with your muscles casing more problems for you. Moreover there is an incredible danger of contamination with Creutzfeldt-Jakob illness an incapacitating malady that prompts deaths in weeks and now this issue is of great concern due to many cases that took place in the Europe.

Development of Hormone might not have uncovered all its mysteries yet and to claim it a savior of life would be a crime. So now you are confused about this growth hormone, after reading so much of information on growth hormone.

Honestly even I was confused about the fact how to categorize this growth hormone, I think this could be the perfect solution to the growth problems that are faced by individuals but using theses supplements to increase stamina and performance in sports is a form of cheating and I don’t approve of it.

Moreover numerous people also accept that making development hormone is a legitimate and approving hormone substitution treatment for the elderly would be an extraordinary preference to the human services however the truth remains that Growth Hormone substitute therapy is perilous to hang around with to treat growth problems.